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2-11-15 Kasumi-cho, Yamagata City 990-0039


Schedule of Services for the month of April 2005


March 27          Easter Sunday  

02:00 PM          Easter Sunday English Mass

The Easter Party will be after the Mass.

April 1              First Friday      

10:00 AM         First Friday Mass

April 3              Divine Mercy Sunday

                                                02:00 PM          English Mass

April 10            Third Sunday of Easter

                                                10:30 AM         Class for the First Communion

                                                02:00 PM          English Mass (in Yamagata)

02:00 PM          Mass (in Shinjo)

                        The Bishop will make a visit to Shinjo.

April 17            Vocation Sunday

02:00 PM          English Mass

April 24            Fifth Sunday of Easter

02:00 PM          Bible Study (in Yamagata)

                                                02:00 PM          Mass (in Shinjo)

May 5               Sixth Sunday of Easter

                                                02:00 PM          English Mass


Prayer for Easter (Saint Gregory's Easter Prayer)

    Dear Father, it is only right, with all the powers of our heart and mind, to praise You Father and Your only begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  By Your wondrous condescension of loving kindness toward us, Your servants, You gave up Your Son.

    Dear Jesus, You paid the debt of Adam for us to the Eternal Father by Your Blood poured forth in loving kindness. You cleared away the darkness of sin by Your magnificent and radiant Resurrection. You broke the bonds of death and rose from the grave as a Conqueror. You reconciled Heaven and earth. Our life had no hope of Eternal Happiness before You redeemed us. Your Resurrection has washed away our sins, restored our innocence and brought us joy. How inestimable is the tenderness of Your Love!

    We pray to You, Lord, to preserve Your servants in the peaceful enjoyment of this Easter happiness. We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Who lives and reigns with God The Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.


Prayer for Vocation

    Dear Father, shine Your light upon me so that I may see my true vocation. Give me the grace to hear Your word and be an example to others of Your love for us.  I pray for all in Priesthood, Consecrated life, Marriage and Single life, and for all who are listening to Your call, that they may answer You in their vocation.  Thank You for sending Your son Jesus - Lord of the Harvest - help me to follow His example. May I freely, courageously and lovingly respond.  Amen.



1.       We have a new parking lot located behind the kindergarten.  Please always park your cars on the parking lot, not on the street.

2.       Confirmation will be on May 15, 2005, Pentecost Sunday.

3.       First Communion will be on May 29, 2005, Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

4.       We are congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Jun Inoue for a bouncing baby boy.

Happy Easter!  Christ has risen!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!