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R. delos Reyes
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During the summer of 2000, I took Communication III-Speech Communication. On our final speech presentation, my topic was about Obando fertility rites. I asked Sis. Jenny Lozano for references. She referred me to Bro. Vi Caguia who handed me a copy of Mr. Romulo de los Reyes' paper entitled "Obando: Alamat ng Isang Sayaw", which I uploaded into this page.

It was during the following summer, when I worked for the Math departments' computer laboratory to revise the department's home page. But I was only just to learn HTML then. Actually, this page is supposed to be my IT 100 (Information Technology) project. But my group mates Andre and Kiko provided one. So I resorted to post this page for everyone else to see.

Author: Mr. Romulo de los Reyes

HTML Design and Translation: Eric B. de Guzman

Photo Credits: Sis. Jennelyn SD. Lozano

Note to all visitors (Especially Obando town folks, like me!): Should you have any materials ready for publication in this site, please feel free to email them here. They can be in the form of pictures, text document, music, videos and even related links. They would be very much appreciated. Thanks!