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R. delos Reyes
E. de Guzman
J. Lozano

What will happen to the Obando Fertility Dance as time goes by?

Although the Obando Fertility Dance is already an old tradition, we can not deny the fact that in the next few years to come, the said tradition may be changed or disappear at all. God forbid!

First, the town of Obando is very near to Metro Manila. Thus, urbanization has very strong effect in the mentality of the townspeople.

The power of media, especially, of radio and television, are affecting to much the taste and the likes of other professionals in Obando with modern lifestyles and are currently going to work located within Metro Manila. For people like them, the Obando Fertility Dance may seem to be just a very good tradition suitable only for the past and is already not applicable to the modern living. In short, these people might get a wrong viewpoint with regards to their very own tradition.

Secondly, the new generation of Obando is being raised within the fantasies of modernization. It has been important for them to dream about the culture of tomorrow instead of understanding the traditions of the past and incorporating them with those of the present. The influence of the American culture has been very strong. They would rather go to disco houses or attend rock concerts than dance the fandango every May.

Thirdly, the schools of Obando and even those in Manila had been lacking emphasis to the proper understanding of our country's customs and traditions. What have been giving importance in today's education are the lessons on industrialization of our country. It is not bad but the result is the students are losing the opportunity of learning the different aspects of our culture, especially the customs and traditions reflecting our identity as a Filipino.

Perhaps all of the people of Obando do not want a tradition embodying their beloved town to disappear. The popularization of this very beautiful tradition depends on the cooperation of people of all sectors of Obando - the church, the local government and the people themselves.